From the light.

Sniping the seventy-second target.

[ voice post ]

Tieria and I have both had a good long look at the door out of our apartment today. No matter what we do, it still leads back to our world. This place sure can be clear about when it wants someone to leave. The timing's pretty bad for the Curse Brigade, but you guys will do all right.

But I promised, after last time. I wouldn't go without saying goodbye first. And I've been trying to keep my promises. So I'd better not forget.

Well, I didn't mind this place too much after all, but I'm ready to go back, wherever I end up. Haha, I'm really no good at goodbyes, am I? Don't worry. It's not too soon.

[OOC: Drop post, open for goodbyes forever. Tieria may chime in too.]
Awful glee.

Sniping the seventy-first target.

So far this doesn't seem like the most dangerous curse, but I'd better not see anyone getting carried away. Valentine's Day was last month, remember? By now it's time to let these things go. If anyone needs help, drop a line here and the Curse Brigade will intervene.

As far as the Curse Brigade goes, we have a new headquarters: the club Cassagioso. It's still a bar, too, and it reopens tomorrow. Even if it's a bar, though, it's still going to be a safe place. My employees and I will make sure of it.

It's also a good place to go on a date! But there are a couple of people I can't expect to get that hint, can I? So I'll make it clear. We've got two star couples here, and they're going to be here together tomorrow!

Tieria and Nemu. They're really cute, aren't they? But they can be shy too. Nemu doesn't fluster easily, but Tieria does, so be careful around him.

Setsuna and Ino. It'll be their second time here, so they'd better be careful after!

[OOC: Backdated to earlier in the day. Yes, Cassagioso reopens tomorrow. No, Lockon won't be so eager to drag his invented couples there then. Feel free to backdate for as long as you need to, though!]
In thought.

Sniping the seventieth target.

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Last night was exciting for us, but in case anyone got worried, we've sorted it out now. It's probably best if we take a break from that genre of show. It gets Setsuna and Tieria a little too worked up. Then we forget to feed Zia, and that's not right at all.

[OOC: Any character can read up to two thoughts from the list above, regardless of whether the thoughts are about them or not. Lockon is unaware that he's broadcasting them, as it were.]
In better times.

Sniping the sixty-ninth target.


Hey, hey, I don't have valentines for everybody! The City sure makes it hard to prepare for holidays right.

I've done what I can to prepare for this, though. Cassagioso isn't open again as a bar yet, but under the authority of the Curse Brigade, it's open as a safe haven for anyone who wants somewhere to take shelter from the cold during this curse. And from the chaos, too. Everyone's welcome so long as they stay on their best behavior.

That means no fighting and no unwanted kissing. Just because it's almost Valentine's Day doesn't make that all right!

[OOC: anything goes! Doubles, AUs, other canons, player journals, etc. Feel free to respond with regular comments or with action in Cassagioso.]
Stop drooling on me Tieria.

Sniping the sixty-eighth target.

Collapse )

It's about time some people got a chance to go home. Tieria Erde and Luck Gandor are both back where they belong, so nobody had better worry about them, after all. Lyle Dylandy and Anew Returner are gone too, and I don't want to hear complaints about how they haven't made it into work. My brother's got better things to do than hang around here.

It's a little funny to be asking this question, but does anyone know anything about running a bar? It turns out Cassagioso is my property now, and I won't let Luck down with it. But I've never really thought about where the supplies for something like this come from, in the City. Well, it doesn't really matter. If I have to make a deal with the deities to keep the place running, that's fine. It's always been a good place. Now we can use it as the headquarters for the Curse Brigade, too.
For your future.

Sniping the sixty-sixth target.

After all that, it turns out we learned a few things.

The barrier isn't keeping us in. It's keeping the City up. I'll leave the philosophical implications up to the rest of you, but to me that means we should protect it. Maybe we should make that part of the Curse Brigade's duties. Checking on the barrier every now and then, especially around dangerous curses. But that's Setsuna's decision to make. He's in charge.

We learned another thing. When the deities promise to bring people back, they might not mean alive. I'll fight to protect the barrier and this place, but I won't do it on their command.

The Curse Brigade's still open if you want to join. If this December's anything like the last, we'll need all the help we can get.
I'm certain of it.

Sniping the sixty-fifth target.

[ voice ]

--this still working?

[The device shuts on and off a few times. For a moment, it switches to video, revealing this scene. Then it's back to voice.]

See? We aren't so trapped. We can still communicate. That's important, isn't it?

[More loudly:]

This is Lockon Stratos of the Curse Brigade, calling off this effort to rescue those trapped beyond the barrier. It turns out that trying to anchor yourself to the City with a cable doesn't work.

That doesn't mean we should stop trying other methods. Right now all we've got is the word of the deities that after we finish doing their dirty work for them, the people trapped beyond the barrier can come back. I'm not satisfied with that.

[OOC: backdated to shortly after the rain of blood started. Lockon and Tieria are now stuck beyond the barrier as well.]
Can't fix this world.

Sniping the sixty-fourth target.

It's back to the usual weekend of curses after all that. At least some things don't change! I'm sorry I couldn't help out more, back when the boxes were floating around...I was cursed myself most of the time. I think I was some kind of toy. It's the sort of thing that's hard to remember.

But that's not what I wanted to ask about. This is more important! Does anyone have any good cake recipes?


[OOC: Memory theater curse! Lockon has no idea the video is there and won't until someone tells him. Summary: Collapse ) Relevant parts are up to 2:45, after that is just rubbing salt in the wound and is obviously not included in the memory. ]
Kick ass and take codenames.

Sniping the sixty-third target.

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[ voice ]

It looks like everyone's seen the boxes by now. If the outbreak of curses means anything, then a lot of you have pushed the button, too. Human nature can't be changed, but are we really that selfish and that gullible? The button curses someone, all right, but how likely is it that it gives you what you want?

Well, it involves curses, so the Curse Brigade is involved, too! Everyone, bring your box to the deities' office and drop it in the pile in front of the door. If you see a box that isn't yours, bring that, too, before someone pushes the button. Until those bastards get rid of it, we'll guard the pile, to make sure no one starts using it as an excuse to push more buttons.

[ cut to video ]

[The door of the deity office can be seen, now with four boxes piled in front of it.]

[ cut back to voice ]

Let's show the people in charge that not all of us are so easily taken in.